Placement Agents / Third-Party Distributors

The investments and fund management landscape keeps growing at an astounding pace. Fund managers are looking for additional pockets of capital; Investors are looking for additional sources of returns and exposure.

Placement agents / distributors play a key role in this market, matching up investor demand with a supply of high-quality investment opportunities / funds.   

In order to capitalize on this growth in the market, placement agents need modern, intutive software that makes the team more efficient, centralizes data & processes and unlocks insights. From managing relationships across your pipeline of clients & mandates, to tracking all investor / LP interactions and uncovering actionable insights, Atominvest’s modern, purpose-built software can give you an edge in your business. 

Software Solutions for Placement Agents

FUND / GP Relationship Management

Manage your relationships and primary / secondary mandate pipelines with Prospective Funds / GPs  

Fundraising & Investor Relations

The complete investor relationship management & analytics system.

Enterprise Ready

Tools and plugins to seamlessly integrate into your current setup & processes  

Outlook Plugin | Excel Plugin | Bulk Uploads & Downloads | Single Sign On | User Permissioning | Enterprise Grade Security 

Software Solutions for Fund Managers (Your Clients)


Placement agents often provide strategic advice to their clients (fund managers) on the optimal organizational and operational set up of their fund management business. This may involve providing guidance and recommendations to fund managers on fund structuring, technology, investor management tools, ESG,  etc.  

Atominvest’s software can also power fund managers’ businesses via integrated fund and investor management software with functionality spanning investor CRMs, datarooms, investor portals, portfolio management and ESG tracking.

Investor Relations CRM

Investor contact & relationship management, fundraising and analytics 

Integrated Datarooms

Launch fundraising datarooms directly from the Investor CRM

Investor Portal

A slick, branded Investor Portal providing a seamless experience to investors

Onboarding & Operations

Efficient investor onboarding & operational workflows

Portfolio Management

Easily collect portfolio data, manage value creation & unlock insights

ESG / Impact

Track portfolio ESG and maximize Impact  

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